frequently asked questions

Why is my branding so important?

It’s your first impression, it’s how you connect with your audience, it’s how you tell someone your story without saying a word.

Listen, who ever said not to judge a book by its cover probably never knew what kind of books they liked. As humans, we’re naturally drawn to things we like, things we resonate with, things that make us feel something..

So with your branding you’ve got two choices, get picked or stay on the shelf with the rest of the textbooks.

I'm good with Canva, can't I just DIY it?

Yeah, sure. You totally can. It’s just.. do you want to? Are you going to create a brand that’s absolutely positively squishy with glee good? Orrrr… should you be better spending the time doing the things you’re great at and letting us do what we’re great at?

But, I can get it done a lot cheaper - I know a guy.

Amazing. & while we’re sure your grandma’s neighbours son is a dab hand at design, does he really get branding?

Does he understand the complex ways in which colour affects a person’s psychology? Does he know how your logo will look blown up on a pull up banner – or if it’ll stand out against that business card you’re planning?

Isn’t your business worth the investment?

I’m not sure what I need - can you help?

Of course, we love to work with businesses to help you identify exactly what you want and how it aligns with your goals. We’ve had lots of experience helping business owners get their ideas on paper & scream “OMG – YES! That’s EXACTLY what I wanted”.

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