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We’re a modern, fresh agency with a love of detail, design and sophisticated simplicity. Although we’re based in Kiama on the South Coast of NSW we work with businesses all across Australia.

We’ve been kicking ass and taking names since 2015 when we first launched with a burning desire to do things differently.

At Switch Up Design it’s not about us, it’s about you. In fact, we’re happiest when we know we’ve made you feel confident, empowered and frankly, over the bloody moon, with our work.

For us, good design is simple - it’s the art of making people feel something.

We’re the calm in a noisy world. With years of experience in branding and design – we’ve set up processes that take your project from daydream to drool worthy. In a fast paced, digital environment, we slow down, connect and inspire.

Switch Up is more than a creative studio. We believe in celebrating your brand and what makes it special. We work closely with you to create tailored design solutions.

When you work with us you work directly with our creative Founder Carolynn MacKenzie.

meet Carolynn

Although now it makes complete sense, Carolynn never originally thought she would be a designer. In fact, she’s kind of the queen of switch ups. From packing up her life and moving to sunny Australia from beautiful (but very cold) Scotland in her twenties to turning away from her 10 year engineering career to follow her creative passions – she knows a thing or two about going with gusto for the things you truly want in life. This translates pretty perfectly into her work with clients because she can honestly say she understands the buzz of excitement and fear that comes with starting something new.

Ready for your own fresh start?

let's not forget Georgie!

Our PUPlic relations officer Georgie is a 4 year old Groodle who loves nothing more than long walks on the beach, chasing birds, barking at the cows in the field next to our back garden, and eating chicken. 

He hangs out with Carolynn in the Switch Up Design studio every day and can usually be found sleeping on the job (under the desk, beside the desk, on the couch, anywhere really!) 

Check out our Instagram for more cute pics of the big office furball (oh and also some of our awesome work of course!)


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